SWG: Gender and Education

Standing Working Group: Gender and Education

Gender, Power Relations and Education in a Transnational World


For ISCHE 37, 2015 in Istanbul the Gender and Education Standing Working Group proposes the theme Gender, Power Relations and Education in a Transnational World with a special focus on Critique of gendered historical terms, language and symbols and exploration of how they are transferred, transformed, imposed or resisted in their passage across borders and in different times and contexts.


Historians of gender and education are finding the concept of transnationalism very useful for a deeper understanding of historical change and situations. Transnationalism addresses networks, ideas and practices which transcend national boundaries yet are linked to them and can affect and reflect national developments. Its study illuminates the fluidity of concepts of gender, education, culture and nation in time and space and the significance of individual or group action – a factor which allows the role of those usually marginalised within power structures to be better appreciated. It also raises questions across the continents concerning internationalism, globalization, colonialism and/or post-colonialism, contentious terms which again concern power relations.


Abstracts for this SWG will have to follow the criteria established by the Conference. For our SWG the deadline for the submission of paper is 15 December 2014. Applicants will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of proposals in February 2015.


Abstracts and enquiries about this SWG should be emailed direct to the convenors Adelina Arredondo, adelinaarredondo@yahoo.com and Christine Mayer, ,christine.mayer@uni-hamburg.de.